Saturday, August 29, 2009

European Bankers Pull Strings In Libyan Release!

As usual, the Fascists (A Corporate Run Government, according to Mussolini) have Duped the public into blaming everyone except them, the real culprits! It is so easy to fool sheep with "Terrorism" or "Patriotic" Bullshit!

Excerpt from Newsmax article by A.De Borchgrave:

"Con Coughlin, British Investigative journalist, says Britain's interest was the same as BP's (British Petroleum)— a bigger share of Libya's untapped oil reserves, estimated at 44 billion barrels.

The larger deal — in exchange for Megrahi's release — was presumably discussed earlier this summer when Seif, says Coughlin, was a house guest at a villa owned by the Rothschild banking family on the Greek island of Corfu. Another house guest was Lord Peter Mandelson, Britain's business secretary and a close ally of Prime Minister Gordon Brown."

The deal was actually worked out in 2004 with Tony Blair's regime!

Full Article here:

New Update: Aug 30, 2009 Reuters-

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Economic Rebound or Dead Cat Bounce?

I don't want to belabor the facts, check out this site for details, but the current economic "Rebound" heralded in today's NYT, 8/22/2009, as well as the "Green Shoots" announced by the same band of thieves, is just more proof of their incompetence! This may be the end of the beginning of the 2nd Great Depression, but it is not the beginning of the end!

The commercial real estate sector is on its way to record defaults and crashing prices, for gods sake, the John Hancock building in Boston just sold for 50% less than the buyer paid for it in 2004!

The second largest owner of shopping malls General Properties, went bankrupt earlier this year, although you probably didn't hear about it, it was so hushed up. Others are similarly choked by debt and will not be able to service the outrageous debt they rang up scooping up properties at astronomical prices during the boom.

As goes commercial real estate, so goes the insurance industry! Look for the collapse of at least 1 major insurance company as its balance sheet and cash flow crumble into dust.

The Level 3 "Toxic Assets" are still their rotting on banker's balance sheets with the Tarp (no put intended) pulled over them with the collusion of the FASB.

Bankers have been lying about their losses and covering them up. Wait until you see what happens to their stocks and all financial sector stocks when one of them runs out of money to pay dividends (which could happen as early as next week!)

The Bond market is set for a melt down almost as big as the original financial melt down, even Buffet is issuing warnings about the coming crash.

The FDIC is out of money! The latest round of bank failures has drained the bank's feeble resources. Surprised? They only had .14 in assets to cover every dollar in liabilities! They have an unlimited line of credit with the US government, you say? When they have to call on the Government to bail itself out, what effect do you think that will have on markets?

Housing is in a total melt down, despite the recent upturn in certain sales numbers. One third of all homes with mortgages on them are underwater! Foreclosures are back to record levels after the pitifully ineffective government moratoria run out in state after state. Unsold inventory is not counting millions of homes that the banks are holding back from putting on the market for fear of gutting whatever is left of the bubble gains. Prices are already back to 2003 levels and falling. We predict housing will at least lose ALL of the imaginary gains from 2000 to 2006 and maybe more. There is no natural floor to support prices. You are beginning to see the other shoe drop in foreclosures as prime mortgages are now leading sub prime mortgages in rates of default. With 30% of homes already underwater, what is going to happen when the Great Capitulation occurs? This is when the mass of homeowners who want to sell realize the market is not going to rebound and dump their homes at any price? Some of the banks are starting to do this. In Atlanta, banks are selling homes at 75% off! What is going to happen when the Majority of mortgaged homes are underwater? Deutsche Bank is already forecasting 50% of homes underwater by next year but again we say there is no natural limit to the price decline. 50% is too optimistic!

Aren't we still a Consumer Based economy? Nearly 70% of all economic activity in this country is related to consumer purchasing. How can the Financial Guys be calling an end to the crash when unemployment is destined to increase for at least the next year, as seen through their own rose tinted glasses? Unemployment compensation is running out in state after state.

Mentioning the states, aren't 48 out of 50 poised to go bankrupt, choked by falling real estate revenues? That means lay off millions of employees, cutting unemployment benefits, retirees pensions, etc. They are going to have to be bailed out by Washington, whether Washington wants to or not.

Finally, what about the cost of health care? While the ignorant, unwashed, gun toting, Nazi filth spewing, conservative rabble; not to be confused with principled, honest citizens who question aspects of the new health reform plan, do the dirty work for Big Pharma and those it owns in the government, Dem and Repub, it is little noticed that health care premiums DOUBLED from 2000-2009, while wages when up 17% Now more than 1 million American families per year are forced to go into bankruptcy, by medical bills they could not pay, the majority of them having health insurance.

That is what is on the table now. What about in the future when the wars in Iran and especially Afganistan demand Trillions more? What happens in the next few years as the unfunded mandates of Medicare and Social Security come due?

What happens when the Chinese say No Mas, no more purchases of US debt? Interest rates will go through the roof, putting a choke hold on what is left of our economy.

What happens if inflation gets away from the FED geniuses and the dollar collapses?

An economic rebound? More like a Dead Cat Bounce!

The answer? How to protect yourself and your money? Buy Silver!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Chinese Citizens Urged to Buy Silver!

Excerpt from Sjugerud's Daily Wealth:

The Chinese government is now actively encouraging its citizens to buy gold and silver. (It use to be illegal for them to do so) They recently unveiled silver bullion for investing (you can see the video here). The premise is that gold was 50 times more expensive than silver in 2007... but is now 70 times more expensive.

The government is promoting silver bullion as an investment for regular citizens. And remember, a bunch of Chinese students laughed at U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner this year when he claimed the dollar was safe. The Chinese know the value of real assets... real money like gold and silver.

What does this mean for silver prices? It's impossible to say. But here's a little math that interests me. According to the Silver Institute, demand for silver in 2008 (for industry, jewelry, and investing) was 832 million ounces. At today's price, that's an $11.5 billion market... or about 1/3 the capital available in China alone.

My Notes:

Remember also that 20% of the existing silver supply is owned by one man, Warren Buffet!

Note also that 95% of all silver mined is consumed by industrial processes and a brand new use for silver was just announced by a start up medical company that could consume a major portion of the industrial silver supply!

The last time there was a run on silver was 1971-1980. Inflation soared, real estate doubled during the decade. A house bought in 1971 for $20,000 (yes, that is what the median priced house sold for!) was worth $42,000 in 1980.

$20,000 in silver purchased in 1971 was worth $770,000 in 1980, an increased of over 3,000 percent!

Only those holding gold and silver will come out on top after the next, inevitable inflation!