Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What to Do if You Can't Pay Your Mortgage!

I am a Personal Financial Coach. I got burned in the last housing bubble in the 80's and learned my lesson. I did not participate in this bubble and in fact called the end of this lunatice housing bubble back in June 2005, right at its height, (The Coming Collapse of the Housing Bubble!)

Bush and Obama, and our entire Federal Government, are pawns of the Fed Reserve and the Banks which own it. They are the ones who created and are profiting from the creation and destruction of the housing bubble.

The government cannot or will not do what needs to be done to save millions of homw owners, which is to have the Government buy the criminal loans foisted on homeowners from the banks at today's loan values, not the original amount of the loans and reissue them on terms the homeowners can afford.

This is exactly what was done during the First Great Depression and it saved millions of homes. The Fed refuses to even entertain this idea because it would require the banks to take actual losses they could not hide with accounting tricks.

Their attitude is the Banks are too big to fail and main street is too small to bail! They are not going to offer any meaningful help to desperate home owners.

Therefore, I recommend to my clients and to you if you are in this situation, DON'T waste your retirement money, your children's education money or life savings trying to keep your home which you will then in most cases, lose anyway. I advise you to Stop making payments on your mortgage but do Not move out!

Particularly in mortgage states,as opposed to trust deed states, you will probably be able to stay in your home for 1 1/2 to 3 years before you are forced to move, if you follow our program. We have even had some cases where the bank Paid our clients to move out!

Use this time to replenish your savings and be ready to start anew. Will this hurt your credit rating? Absolutely, but would you really want to be the only family living in the homeless shelter with a 700 FICO?

Contact me for a free,private consultation to se if your situation qualifies for our program.

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